New Zealand – Not that Green

If our website’s tagline is ‘100% Pure New Zealand’ then don’t you think that’s what we should be? This statement is misleading, causing people around the world to think that we are a role model for sustainability, when we are far from it. An American tourist recently released a post on his blog called ‘The […]

Earth Day Resolutions 2018

Earth Day is a beautiful concept, but hold on…then why isn’t Earth Day celebrated everyday? How is it so difficult for humankind to become environmentally aware, that they decided to create a single day dedicated to conservation as opposed to being mindful everyday? This doesn’t only happen with Earth Day either, think about it: Mother’s […]

What NZ needs to know about Environmental Awareness

Let’s get something straight, environmental awareness isn’t just for hippie’s, and it isn’t just about climate change. Environmental awareness is recognising what’s going on around you, and realising that just because you can’t always see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening – just because your backyard looks tidy, doesn’t mean your neighbour’s yard isn’t filled […]